Price Matches must be done at the Customer Service desk, not at the regular checkout. Many associates are not familiar with price matching, so performing this can take a great deal of time. Many stores manually record each item in a book, requiring a significant investment in time for each item price matched.

Make sure that you get 10% of the price in Canadian Tire Money, not 10% of the difference, as at some other price matching retailers.

Tire Price Match

Canadian Tire has recently published a Tire Price Match Guarantee on their web site:

“If you can find the exact same tire at a lower price at another retailer, Canadian Tire will match that price and give you an additional 10% in Canadian Tire 'Money'.” –

There’s effectively no difference between the tire price match policy and the regular match policy. The only difference is the word tire has been inserted and this policy is posted on the corporate web site, whereas the regular prices match policy is only posted in store.

Tire price match policies are seldom exploitable, as manufacturers use their molds to run different brand names or variations for the large retailers. For many tires, it is difficult to find an exact match at another retailer.

Quick Facts


 100% plus 10% of the lower price in Canadian Tire Money

Price Protection Time Limit

 None, but return policy is 90 days

Proof Required

 Flyer, printout, receipt, etc.

Difficulty Level


Successful Outcome Probability



  • Must be identical item
  • Must be verifiable


  • labour, competitors’ clearance, bankruptcies, volume discounts, mail-in rebates, wholesale prices not available to the general public
  • live goods, web-based competitors, propane tank refills.

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Canadian Price Matching Businesses

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