PJ’s Pets will price match non-Internet items, except pets.

“We are confident that we have the most fair pricing in Canada on all our items, and to back that up we will gladly match a competitor's price. Simply bring the pricing discrepancy to the attention of the store management, and we will reduce our price to match. It must be a local competitor's price and the item must be identical and in-stock. Unfortunately we cannot match online prices. Occasionally you may discover that we have put an item on sale that you just bought last week. We know this can be frustrating and to ensure all our customers get the best possible price we will happily match our own sales. Should an item purchased be reduced in price within 30 days of your purchase, simply bring in your receipt and we will refund you the difference. Some restrictions apply.” -

Quick Facts



Price Protection Time Limit

 30 days

Proof Required

 Flyer, printout, receipt, etc.

Difficulty Level


Successful Outcome Probability



  • Must be a local competitor's price
  • Item must be identical and in-stock


  • Online prices
  • pets, advertising errors or misprints, restricted offers, mail order offers, rebates, coupons, free or bonus offers, limited/minimum quantity offers, limited time offers, close-outs, liquidations, clearances, and special financing offers

More Information

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