Price Matches must be done at the Customer Service desk, not at the regular checkout. Sometimes it can take a substantial amount of time to get service.

Often the associate will need to phone the competitor’s store or go online to verify the price. The Manager will get involved to review and approve. This can also take a substantial amount of time.

One of the major concerns about price matching at Staples is staff may not know or understand the policy. It pays to be prepared (see Price Matching Tips).

The price match policy used to be 150%. This resulted in a large number of price matches being performed and sometimes even resulted in free products. Staples reduced the policy to 110% some time ago. 110% is now the highest percentage among all the major Canadian retailers.


If you find a lower advertised price on an in-stock new identical item from an Authorized Canadian dealer, now or within 30 days of your purchase (14 days on computers and laptops), just show us the price. We will match it and give you 10% of the difference as a credit to your purchase (maximum $50 credit)!

If our competitor has a bonus offer with an item that we carry, we will match the competitor’s price and provide the identical bonus item where possible. If our competitor offers a free Gift Card with an item that we carry, we will match the competitor’s price and provide the same valued Gift Card. If our after-rebate price is lower than our competitor’s after rebate price, the price guarantee does not apply.

For internet and delivered purchases, the competitor must have the item in stock on their website and next day shipping and handling fees will be added to the competitor’s price to make a fair comparison against our price. If no shipping and handling charges are readily available in the advertisement, a flat fee of $15 will be added to the competitor price. There are some towns in Canada where additional shipping charges apply. Our Store Managers and Call Centres can help you determine these costs.

An identical item is a product with the same manufacturer and manufacturer part number. An Authorized Canadian dealer is a retailer that the Canadian manufacturer willingly sells to (typically, unauthorized dealers do not offer legal Canadian warranties and/or packaging). The price guarantee does not apply to remanufactured items or demos.

An advertisement is defined as a copy of a current dated advertisement, original register receipt, catalogue page or competitor web page.

From time to time, our catalogue, internet and store prices might temporarily not match due to printing press deadlines. If this happens, you will get the lowest price of the three. We will not offer the additional 10% credit.

We reserve the right to limit quantities sold to an individual customer. The price guarantee does not apply to competitors advertising that states “limited quantities”, “while supplies last”, “clearance”, “close-outs”, “bankruptcies” or special events (e.g. Boxing Day). We do not match typographical errors in competitors’ advertisements. OEM, government and educational prices may be excluded. Prices do not include applicable taxes. We reserve the right to modify the terms of our price guarantee from time to time.” –

Quick Facts



Price Protection Time Limit

 30 or 14 days

Proof Required

 Flyer, printout, etc.

Difficulty Level


Successful Outcome Probability



  • Items must be in stock and available at competitor
  • Authorized Canadian dealer
  • Maximum $50 credit
  • Competitor’s next day shipping price used


  • Reconditioned / demo items
  • “limited quantities”, “while supplies last”, “clearance”, “close-outs”, “bankruptcies” or special events
  • Typographical errors in competitors’ advertisement
  • OEM, government and educational prices may be excluded

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